Saade A. Mustafa  SOC
Cinematographer / Steadicam / Camera Operator


Saade A. Mustafa


About Saade Mustafa​​

Saade Mustafa is an IATSE Local 600 Director of Photography with almost 20 years of experience in the motion picture industry. He is also a Camera Operator specializing in Steadicam. His career ranges from being a Director of Photography, A & B Camera, Steadicam, AR operator on various television shows, features, commercials, and music videos. In addition to conventional operating (hand held, dolly, etc.), He is also disciplined in operating remote heads, cranes, and specialty cameras such as The Ultimate Arm and Fly-Cam.

Saade has also instructed at the Steadicam Operators Association Steadicam Workshop with Garret Brown and other leading Steadicam Operators including Jerry Hollaway, Mike O'Shea, Paul Taylor and many more. He has assisted The Tiffen Company at trade shows, NAB, and CineGear in demonstrating all of the latest products from Steadicam. Saade has also worked with MK-V in introducing and operating cutting edge technology on various projects.

Saade has always had a strong visual awareness and sensitivity in motion photography. His passion and determination delivers an affinity to each and every shot. His dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and love for his work are evident. His accomplishments are built from collaboration, exchange of ideas, and a teamwork approach that make any production process successful.